Olea Estate wishes to thank the following individuals for their valuable contribution towards creating Olea Estate; your sincere, hard work did not go unnoticed!

Steve Johnson (Wairarapa) - For his continuing effort in maintaining all farm machinery!

Don Cross (Blenheim) – His expertise in grove layout & the setting-up of the grove’s irrigation system.

Mick Devenport (Wairarapa) - For all his hard work involved in the gates & fences at Olea.

Colin Allomes (Wairarapa) - For his involvement in the early stages of land preparation at Olea.

David Barrett (Wairarapa) - For his continuing effort in pruning the olive trees, season after season!

Merv Johnson (Wairarapa) - For his help in all the land development at the olive grove.

Axel Salzmann (Wairarapa) - For his electrical know-how in all aspects of the grove

Terry O’Hagan & Martjin Poppe (Wairarapa) – For their ongoing skill & knowledge in the setup and maintenance of the water connection to the processing room and the grove