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Olea Estate brings back gold from New York 

 Olea Estate Picual has won gold, we are delighted to share the results of the 2020 New York International Olive Oil Competition. This is arguably the most prestigious competition in the world and this year attracted 900 entries from 26 countries.

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"We don't focus on winning awards we focus on making the best olive oil possible  to our very own high standards. So when we get recognised by the industry and other olive oil makers it makes it very special to be recognised".

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How it began

In fact it was a relaxing Sunday drive through the Wairarapa in 1999 that sparked dream behind Olea Estate began.

Since that day, a passion for producing olives of consistent quality and distinction is what Olea is all about.

Olea olive oil is about no compromise. No corners are cut to produce this olive oil. Taste, quality and purity of the oil are always first.

The oil is produced from a single source only from olives on the estate and not mixed with other groves.

Once the olive is picked it is pressed within 24 hours so the fragile olive does not begin to deteriorate, again this benefits taste.

The oil is cold pressed at room temperature like ‘true’ virgin oil. Nothing is added to take away from the taste. As a result what is in the bottle is 100% pure.

Over the years our meticulous care and love for making the best product has definitely paid including our most recent awards

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